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Costumes Matter!

We are excited to share this from our friends at YPAC as we feel it shares our same goals with costuming students!

"At THSD, one of our very highest values is age-appropriateness, and not just for the classroom—for the stage too!

We understand that costuming is a big deal, and that as a parent, you want to know that we uphold a significant standard when it comes to making costume decisions. Age-appropriate, to us, means that kids look like kids, whether they are in the classroom or on the stage.

Too often these days we witness children dressed like young adults, and we know through research that it can have a negative impact on their self-worth. We are convinced that part of our calling at THSD is to make sure our students understand that they can be their authentic selves and shine bright in their own individual way, without having to grow up too fast.

Not everyone in the dance industry feels the same way, but our hearts tell us that protecting a child’s innocence is of utmost importance. You want your child to look and feel their best onstage, and we believe that can only happen if we make smart choices about costumes.

Our team spends hours upon hours selecting just the right costume for each class. Factors like music and choreography are considered, as well as the students themselves. Every child is unique, and it’s our goal to ensure that costumes are flattering on all of the beautiful body types and personalities at THSD. Each season prior to selecting costumes, we preview styles from the manufacturers and determine what will make every child feel like a star!

Performance costumes should help all dancers feel good about putting their best foot forward onstage, and we believe that can only be accomplished by maintaining this high standard. It is essential that our students learn that costuming is special, yet it does not define them as young artists! It simply enhances their presence onstage, and allows them to feel confident in their own skin.

At THSD, we believe every child’s God-given worth deserves this level of care and attention, whether we’re talking about costuming or anything else. Our students’ hearts and minds deserve nothing less than our best efforts. To grow their self-esteem and self-respect, our students need to see that our educational choices—and costume choices—align with our values.

We hope this year when you see the sequins and the glitter and the lycra and the tulle, you’ll smile even bigger knowing how much intention we’ve put behind each costume selection. Know that your child is in safe hands with us, because we believe costumes matter more than ever before."

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