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Why Enroll Children in Ballet Classes?

1. Fitness

Ballet classes and practice are a serious workout that improves your child’s leg and core strength. The stretching involved helps your child’s flexibility while practicing different movements and the poses increases their balance. Ballet routines are also good exercise for your child’s heart and lungs, which will improve their endurance and cardiovascular health.

2. Emotional Health

When your child works hard to master a skill like ballet and follows a teacher's directions, they learn discipline, which will help them in all areas of their life, including school. Seeing their progress and having the chance to show others what they’ve learned will also make them more confident in their abilities and capacity to learn. Creative pastimes like dance give your child an outlet to express their feelings and personality. All of these are building blocks for an emotionally healthy life.

3. Social Opportunities

Ballet classes are rarely a solo activity. Your child will have many chances to make friends with their fellow students and work toward a common goal during classes and recitals. This will help them develop social skills and build bonds. Ballet also gives them something to talk about with their peers who share similar interests, which will help them connect. Not only are children happier when they can have fun with friends, but they’ll also be laying the foundation for positive interactions with other people throughout their lives.

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