• Tamara Howe

What to expect at Showcase

Showcase week is underway here at THSD! Our Showcase takes place this Saturday, May 19th, with shows at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. We also have our Friends and Family Showcase for all of our solos/duos/trios/small groups at 7:30 pm!

If this is your child's first dance showcase or your first showcase experience, here are a few things that will helpful hints as we continue on through the week!

*Our dressing rooms and backstage areas are for dancers only. Dancers will check-in at the backstage entrance door and will head back to the dressing rooms on their own. For security reasons, dancers will receive a name-tag. No parents or guests are allowed in the backstage area.

*All dancers will remain backstage until the end of the show. After our finale, we will bring beginning level out and younger and a parent will have to match name tags with the volunteer to pick up their dancer. Older dancers will be dismissed from backstage to travel out to the audience to their grownups. For security reasons, no dancers may be picked up during the show.

*It is customary to give flowers or gift after a performance. If you ordered a bouquet from THSD, those will be available at the backstage door entrance. Please do not bring balloons as they are not permitted in the Stiefel Theatre.

*Our performance will be professionally videotaped and photographed. While photos are allowed during dress rehearsal, the taking of photos and/or videos during the performance is strictly prohibited. It is a distraction to those around you. All electronic devices should be silenced or turned off during the show.

*It is common courtesy to clap after a performance, and to avoid entering/exiting the theatre during a routine. If necessary, wait until a moment between routines to exit/enter. We do have one 15 minute intermission in our shows.

We know there is a lot of information circulating during this time and we appreciate all that you do to get your dancer back and forth to be ready to go! You can read more about our showcase details at:

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are more than happy to assist!

Tamara Howe