• Tamara Howe

Create Memories to Reflect Back Upon!

Dance memories are special indeed. When I was a child, I remember the studio that I attended had a small waiting room and one studio. You had to step up to get into the studio. My teacher would always stand at her record player (yes…record player) right next to the step. Every day I would say “Hi Mrs. Sparks” and then trip right over the step…..every.single.time. I loved dance class and loved everything about the year. One of my favorite times of year was picture week. Who doesn’t love to dress up?!

At THSD choreography is wrapping up, the weather is getting warmer, dancers are counting down the days left in school and we are getting closer to our spring showcase! We hope that you are getting just as excited for May 19th as we are!

Picture week is in full swing with photographer Jim Turner. While picture week is always optional, we strongly encourage all dancers to take part in this once-a-year, professional photography experience.

Dance portraits are more than just a picture of your child in a costume. They are snapshots in time! Here at THSD, all of our faculty have special memories of their dance years – memories captured in dance photos. (Check out some of Tamara’s special moments at the end of this post!). We know that you will appreciate the special memories to look back upon.

Do you remember how your First Steps dancer cried for the first two months of class, and now she is at the studio every day of the week and loving it? You’ll always remember this milestone year when you look back on the special showcase photos. Think about last September, when your teen was hesitant to try that new jazz class and now she can perform with confidence….catch that feeling on camera and remember it forever.

Most dancers will have their favorite costumes and showcase routines over the years, and dance portraits as a wonderful way to celebrate those treasured classes, even as you move forward in life. My favorite dance class was my first tap class. It was to Darktown Strutter’s Ball. I was sporting a mullet…curled of course (80’s style all the way). I was not the most coordinated student. My mom put me in dance to give me an outlet for my energy. I loved the routine of class, socializing in class (although I’m not sure my teacher appreciated that) and the atmosphere of the studio. The photo of the white costume below is a treasure to me. It is where I first fell in love with dance and met new friends!

The THSD staff works hard during photo week to make sure each student is professionally posed in each of their costumes and that all the stray hairs are wisped away. Each photo is put on-line for you to choose your favorite! Mr. Turner has created several package and purchase options for you so that you can get the best service possible! Completed photos are delivered directly to your house!

Please reach out to us with any questions! We can’t wait to create more memories for your dancer this season!