The Tamara Howe School of Dance is proud to offer free dance classes to Salina area families!

We believe that every child deserves an introduction to the art of dance.  As a Salina premier dance school, we know that dancing involves so much more than balance and coordination.  It gives children an opportunity to grow emotionally, physically and intellectually.  

Tamara Howe School of Dance is a creative environment with upbeat, positive energy.  It's a place where little ones can express themselves, gain important social skills and experience the world around them through movement.  Our goal is to promote early development through free dance classes.  Wiggle Wednesday acts as a gentle preview of the world of creativity, dance and music.  

Our free dance classes fill up quickly!  Reserve your spot today!


March 4th, 2020
April 2, May 7th
Please be advised classes do fill quickly.
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
1 - 6 years old with caregiver
Comfortable clothing your little one can move in.  No shoes required.

The fun continues! Wiggle Wednesday is a FREE dance class for children ages 1-5 (babies and siblings are welcome too)!  This playful class is focused

on creative movement for kids.  Your little one will get acquainted with rhythm and the power of music!  This fun and FREE story/dance time gets your

child on their feet and active.  Children.....and grownups too....will dance and sing to a variety of musical styles.

At Wiggle Wednesday, students will have a chance to fine-tune skills they will need for the classroom.  Social skills, communication, and listening are

all supported in this fun environment.  This free dance class sparks your little one's creativity and may even ignite a passion for dance!

Your child will stay moving to the music with our instructors.  Each session focuses on a different storybook theme.  This lesson is supported by story time during the middle of the lesson.